We are able to provide to Book Sellers, Colleges and Educational Institutions, RTO’s and Community Services Organizations our popular resources on CD so you may print them yourself under license.


This means no shipping or handling fees and you can print them on demand.


If you have over 45 students / workers per year it is a cost effective consideration that will reduce your cost per resource to between $7.50 to $9.50 per unit. 


These are quality trainer and trainee materials with built in assessments. Call us 08 8449 8132 or by email  and we will assess your eligibility for this program.

Here is how it works.


You decide on your usage and align it to the category that best fits to your needs and usage.


You request a license [contact to reproduce] be drawn to that category and fax it to us


We send you the license for signing which you can return signed and lick the books you would like to reproduce.


You are issued with a CD with the units you request and a package of licenses in sticker form (these you will adhere to each reproduced book, similar to computer programs).


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