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do you want to receive;
Now you can commence the new Aged/Disability  Care Certificate 3 and 4!
Here is a sample of some of the books available, more in the book list download it now;

CHCCS411B    Work Effectively In The Community Sector
CHCAC317A    Support The Older Person To Maintain Their Independence
CHCAC318B    Work Effectively With Older People
CHCAC319A    Provide Support to People Living With Dementia
CHCWHS312A    Follow Work Health & Safety Procedures For Direct Care Work
CHCICS301B    Provide Support To Meet Personal Care Needs
CHCPA301B     Deliver Care Services Using A Palliative Approach
CHCICS302A    Participate In The Implementation Of Individualised Plans
CHCICS303A    Support Individual Health And Emotional Wellbeing
CHCCOM302C    Communicate Appropriately With Clients And Colleagues
CHCINF408C    Comply With Information Requirements Of The Aged Care And Community Care Sectors
CHCPA402A     Plan For And Provide Care Services Using A Palliative Approach
CHCCS400C    Work Within A Relevant Legal And Ethical Framework
CHCAD401D    Advocate for Clients*
CHCDIS400C    Provide Care And Support*
CHCDIS302A    Maintain An Environment To Empower People With Disabilities*
CHCDIS323A    Contribute To Skill Development And Maintenance*
CHCDIS301C    Work Effectively With People With A Disability
CHCDIS322A    Support Community Participation And Inclusion *
HLTIN301A    Comply With Infection Control Policies And Procedures In Health Work  *
HLTHIR403C     Work Effectively With Culturally Diverse Clients  And Co-Workers
HLTHSE4A    Follow Safe Manual Handling Practices
HLTAP301A    Recognise Healthy Body Systems In A Health Care Context
CHCCS305A    Assist Clients With Medication
CHCICS305A    Provide Behaviour Support In The Context Of Individualized Plans
CHCCS401B    Facilitate Responsible Behaviour
CHCAC316D    Provide Food Services
CHCHC311C    Work Effectively In Home And Community Care
CHCORG406C    Supervise Work
CHCINF403E    Coordinate Information Systems
CHCAC412A    Provide Services To Older People With Complex Needs
CHCNET404B    Facilitate Links With Other Services
CHCICS304B    Work Effectively With Carers 
CHCICS402B    Facilitate Individualised Plans
CHCDIS410A    Facilitate Community Participation And Inclusion

and much more...

If you want to look at a sample feel free to download this, you will need winzip to open it;
more in the book list

Document bound plastic and card covers Text Book Presentation (Spiral)

Cost $A25 each plus GST and postage and handling.

Charge for bulk quantity ( 50 per order) will be reduced by 10%

Plain stapled thin card front and back (Stapled)

Cost $A16 each plus GST and postage and handling.

Charge for bulk quantity ( 50 per order ) will be reduced by 10%

Simply download the order form and fax or email us.

Training & Assessment Learners Guides available now

Answers & Assessment Guides available now

Specials; as per press release

2013 Book list.pdf 2013 Book list.pdf
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Type : pdf
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