Even in a recession!


This is an excellent resource for the job seeker and an equally valuable tool for those who are considering strengthening their position in case they are laid off.


This is a working tool for

  • Employment and other vocational preparation professionals such as, Job Network Providers (JNP), Vocational Rehabilitation Providers, and other employment support personnel.
  • Secondary School teachers involved in employment preparation activities.
  • The Job seeker


Don't let all the hype about a recession spook you into a state of panic. By revising your tactics to include a more solution-centred approach to employers, you stand a better chance of getting hired in today's difficult economy.


Unemployment numbers may well continue to head in the wrong direction this year, and for 2010 isn't going easy, either.


So knowing that, what are you going to do about it?

  • If you are a job seeker what must you do personally?
  • If your job is to get others work, what is your duty to others who rely on you?
  • Are you going to take control, make your own breaks, and create opportunities where others see none?


A lot of people are worried about their jobs or lack of job but aren't taking any action because they often don't know what to do. Some think there's nothing they can do.  You can either believe you have no options, or you can do some digging and uncover them.


It takes focus, work, planning, and you need to be willing to adapt, to learn, and to get creative. You've got to develop a sense of resiliency.You need to change your perception; with resiliency, you can recognize opportunities where others may only see bad situations.


Above all, you need to start somewhere, and then persevere even when adversity is staring you in the face. This resource is an excellent starting point for the job seeker.


Consider all the things over which you have control rather than focusing on those about which you can do nothing. You may be surprised how much influence you have over your circumstances - you really can make your own luck.

This book is full of exercises, activities, and tried and trusted practical methods that support the student or job seeker in navigating the sometimes difficult sometimes challenging terms they can come up against.


It is set out in an easy to follow, easy to find way as a bumper A4 size so it is also easy on the eyes. 


This is an introductory tool recommended for the novice, but is equally useful for the more seasoned job seeker.


Preparation for Job Hunting

Building Confidence

Identifying Your Skills

Competencies & Basic Skills You Will Need

There?s More Than One Way to Get Work

What to Do When Applying For Work

What to Do When Applying For Work During a Downturn or a Recession

Written Applications         

Resume Preparation

The Purpose of a Resume

Why Must It Look Good

Is One Resume Enough?

What Does A Resume Contain?

Referees and References

The Interview

Workplace Dress Code and Key Principles Of Presentation    

Employment Opportunities


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