It is specifically designed to cater for workers in- training in the community services sector requiring policy manual support to aid them in their studies and assignments.


This 158 page mock “policy manual” focuses on the front line, or hands on worker who is in direct contact with people with many types of support needs and care situations.

About this Policy and Procedure Manual


Educational purposes


This policy manual is designed for educational purposes, with the new comer to the industry particularly in mind. If you are a student that does not currently have access to a set of policies then this is ideal. It is also inherently linked to be a support to the Enable Learning Guides® that have already highlighted some of these practices.



Designed to model an actual community care service


This manual is designed to act as an adjunct to the students learning when they do not have ready access to a worksite Policy and Procedure Manual. Whilst legislative and compliance frameworks are accurate at the date of publication, you will see it contains fictitious names and phone numbers in order to model an actual community care service.



Each state or territory has their own legislation


These policies are best read in conjunction with the current legislation in each state or territory on each of the areas of work instruction and study. These can be easily downloaded and studied alongside this manual.


This manual is an excellent resource for students and trainers as it is based on actual Policies and Procedures in current use, yet has limited its parameters so as not to overwhelm the novice.


Students studying to be Community Care Workers at college, will come across many activities that require them to consider;

workplace policies and procedures,

how it impacts on their role,

how they must perform their role based on the knowledge and skill they have. 


Access to a number of Policies and Procedure examples is critical for simulated learning.




Ring plastic bound document cover presentation

Cost $A120 each plus GST and postage and handling.


Additional documents available at;

Document bound plastic and card covers Presentation (Spiral)

Cost $A25 each plus GST and postage and handling.

Electronic Version OPTION **
To satisfy the need to reproduce multiple copies as consumables you can get the electronic version at $A500 plus GST which allows you a license to print 50 units; ie  you can put them on computers., or / and reproduce 50 cost is $10 pp. This  licensing version is applicable to the internal use of each licensed organization . 

The licensing version allows you to receive electronic additional policies over the course of the year.



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Type : pdf
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